Thijssen Drilling Company

This list of reference contain some of the works with we carried out the last years in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Project in Marokko – Safi. foto’s.
  • Soil sampling tor environmental enginering consultants (D.H.V., Tauw, Oranjewoud and Witteveen and Bos), in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, to a depth of 90 meters details
  • Installation of a groundwatershield to a depth of 35 meters around a mining waste reservoir on a Dutch State Mining site.
  • Soil sampling on former mine waste sites in the Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium, to detemine the ash content prior to excavation.
  • Installation of monitoring wells to a depth of 50 meters throughout the Dutch province of Limburg tor the regional water supply company. On a container terminal in Antwerp Belgium to a depth of 40 meters. Around a waste disposable site in Edinburough Scotland.
  • Drilling works tor monitoring wells (60 meters deep and 324 mm diameter) and installation of mini-filters tor a watersupply company in East-Brabant, the Netherlands.
  • Bore holes tor the treatment of polluted groundwater on a factory site in Oss, tor Philips,in the Netherlands.
  • Bore holes tor the treatment of polluted groundwater on the site ofthe Rank Xerox factory in Venray, the Netherlands for client Dames and Moore, Manchester, U.K.
  • Soils samples and specialtest tor the estimation of gravel, sand or clay deposits all over Europe
  • Drilling operations on dumping grounds in behalf of production of exhausting gases, diameter 600 mm, depth up to 80 meters, executed with a KLEMM GH 120. This machine is capable to go up to 4 meter diameter. These drilling operations are executed all over Europe.